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Dress to beat stress

July 6, 2017


Bright hues and light fabrics. Can a simple trick of wearing fun clothes really influence our mood and make us happy.

It is called a dopamine dressing. We all know that thinking happy thoughts and being a positive cure illness and lift the mood, so the same principle might be applied also on what we put on in the morning. The fashion industry is certainly betting on it. So, if we believe online dating sites, the colour of our clothes can bring or deter suitors. Even the science gives us some clues. The study when people were rating how attractive persons of different colour of t-shirt were, showed those in red were perceived as the most attractive ones. The researchers believe the reason behind is, people dressed in red felt more attractive and were radiating that feeling to others.

Whatever the reason, when we want to stand out, feel more attractive or make people like us more, we should think about bringing warm colours for the rescue. Luckily for us, yellow, orange and red hues are in.


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