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Aviators’ comeback

June 9, 2017


When plastic rims feel too chunky and a size too big, it’s time for a change. On the hunt for new trends, opticians know well, the style to come next will be all about lightness.

The cyclical nature of fashion, however, directs a comeback of old classics. Fashion aficionados may check their back drawers, maybe they will find a pearl in there – the distinctive top bridge linking two eye rims together. As the bulky, discomforting plastic is veining away, the pilot’s accessory comes in. The original Ray-Ban aviators were commissioned by the U.S. military during 1930s, when trying to find the perfect flight goggles, that would last. The sunglasses proved to be indestructible, so if they had not ended in the bin, when going out of fashion, they should still be lingering somewhere in the attic.

Yet,  Ray-Ban remains a fascinating mix of military and pop-culture, like the trench coats, boots or leather jackets. They are like boomerangs, going away, but always coming back.


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