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Hollywood Walk of Shame

June 2, 2017


She appeared in the comics during the WWII, became 1970s TV sensation and was briefly named a UN Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls last year. All of Wonder Woman’s previous achievements are going to be topped up this weekend.

Wonder Woman is coming in cinemas today. A brainchild of the inventors of the polygraph, who realised all superheroes were men and wanted to tell the girls they are powerful too, is going to break yet another invisible barrier. The producers decided this time the story of the fierce Amazonian will be told by a woman. Moreover, Patty Jenkins already got good reviews from critics and the movie is receiving predictions to be a complete success. If Wonder Woman turns out to be a blockbuster, this could be good news for all the other female directors that are pounding on the glass ceiling. Despite all the touching gender words coming from the mouths of Oscar winners, the numbers are dire. In the last decade only 4% of directors across 1,000 top movies were female. There is a clear discrimination going on in the film studios and maybe successful female director telling a story of a warrior princess can change that.

So, the famous boulevard would no longer deserve to be named Hollywood Walk of Shame.


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