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La vie en rosé

May 23, 2017


As the days get longer, so does the cocktail time. From the end of May onwards, rosé shines its pale red from glasses at barbecues and parties under the starry skies.

The light wine variety, originally from Provence, is pressed from several red grapes, while the hue depends on how long the juice keeps in contact with the skins. Winemakers are playing with maceration, the process that determines the colour of the wine. From the traditional one to three days, it has recently been reduced to only a couple of hours, to achieve that ever more popular ultra pale pink hue. One way, or another, the end product is a tasty wine with appealing colour and lower alcohol contents, suitable even for the afternoon at the beach.

Luckily for us, rosés have spread from original terroir a while ago and the winemakers got the opportunity to bring us even more rich, exotic tastes from different grapes of Italy, Spain and overseas countries. Its lightness and the added bonus, it can be poured over ice made rosé is the ultimate drink for the hot summer evenings.


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