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La dolce vita

March 28, 2017


Bitter aroma, unpleasant for almost everyone, is an unusual choice for popular drinks. Yet, after years of light flavours, cocktail aficionados are starting to embrace bitters.

Amers in France, amari in Italian or Kräuterlikörs in German speaking countries were originally developed as a medicine. Herbs, roots and barks, known for their health benefits, were submerged into liquor to extract the medicinal properties, while the end product was served before or after a meal to keep doctors at bay. Recently, however, a spectre of these bitter tastes has found its way to bars and is, according to bartenders, becoming a popular ingredient in cocktails.

The most famous among them is probably Aperol Spritz. This bittersweet combination of Campari and bubbly Prosecco has spread from its home country to just about every bar around the corner. Marketed as a perfect blend of Italian romance, summertime and La Dolce Vita, who could blame us for liking it.


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