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Size does matter

March 21, 2017


Years ago the price of raw cocoa skyrocketed, so chocolatiers retorted to a simple trick –  shrinking the bars. The decision for a stealth price hike, later copied by others, did not go by unnoticed.

Over the last years the food industry got used to the idea, that selling shrunken products for the same price in order to keep the margins intact, is a way to go. But the portion resizing is proving to be a risky business. The brands that are steadily shrinking their products are at risk of consumer resentment. It looks like the buyers are not ready to pretend not to notice how their wallets are getting thinner. The recent YouGov survey discovered that nearly half of the shoppers would rather pay more for their favourite products than see the items get smaller.

Back to the chocolate. More than a third of respondents said they would stop buying their favourite chocolate if the bar got shrunk by more that fifteen per cent. Despite the prices of raw cocoa have dropped in a last year, we can hardly expect the bars will start growing again.


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