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Not so healthy apps

February 23, 2017

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After food and sex, health is probably the third most talked about topic in the cyberspace. But downloads promising to improve well being may be misleading and some even dangerous.

This is the result of a brief analysis carried out by the John Hopkins University researchers. After putting under scrutiny some of 165,000 healthcare apps currently available online, they came to the conclusion greater availability comes at a price. Their review of health related advise show only a handful of apps have science behind, while the vast majority is utterly useless. Moreover, by setting overambitious goals and lead people to believe they are able to reach them, the downloads that are counted in billions may actually do more harm than good.

After the fail of fitness trackers, that proved to be of similarly limited use, it increasingly looks like our well being may not be entrusted to the machines, but good old blood, sweat and tears.


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