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The romatic fruit

February 13, 2017


Be it their seducing sweetness, the deep red colour or the heart shaped fruits, strawberries have a long and intimate relationship with love. At times when sweets are the nemesis of healthy living, food merchants are trying to trade sugar with fruit for Valentine’s Day.

From Ancient Romans and Cherokees to Medieval France, all were cherishing the fragrant strawberries, that are botanically not even berries, but a part of the rose family. Considered to have healing powers since ancient times, the small red berries soon became also a synonym for romance. The French thought they were aphrodisiac and cooked them into a precious soup for newlyweds to drink. The times, however, when people headed for meadows and woods to pick little red beads are long gone. Luckily, new sorts of button size berries have been developed in the last centuries, that can be easily grown in home gardens, balconies or windows, but even with accessibility their passionate spirit has not been lost. Dipped in dark chocolate, accompanied by Champagne or simply eaten fresh, they still bear a scent of luxury, making them a popular Valentine’s choice.

Connoisseurs believe the best way to enjoy strawberries is to take off the leaves and munch the whole fruit in a single bite, thickest part first. That way the heavenly taste of the juicy sweetness will do the magic and maybe even make us forget about the pesticides.


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