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Pickling through winter

January 18, 2017


After organic and local, the new health craze are the bacteria. Scientists have recently proved microorganisms play bigger role in our bodies that previously thought. What started with lactobacillus, is now spreading to vegetables and it will go on and on.

The industrial food processing came with a promise food poisoning is a thing of the past. But modern techniques, that kill everything, including the healthy microorganisms proved not to be good enough to keep us healthy through the winter. Forgetting about seasonal food and consuming fresh vegetables grown in greenhouses did not help either. Now the food business is rethinking their ways and they are turning for help to grandmas. During harsh winter times in Eastern Europe pickling vegetables was not only the way to preserve the abundance of crops, but also to secure useful vitamins all through the year. This synonym of poverty and savviness was quickly abandoned when fresh food became available all year round. Now the scientists discovered the bacterial world pickled in jars is much healthier than the one the shipping containers bring from distant places.

It is easy to preserve every vegetable imaginable in salt or vinegar, we should try and pickle ourselves through wintertime again.


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