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The Sugar Time

December 22, 2016


Sugar has become the villain of healthy living, even fat has lately received more forgiving treatment. Now the food industry came with the idea to reduce the sweet powder in their products.

Not to offend the Sweet Tooth Fairy, chocolatiers have called technology to the rescue and soon came the results. At Nestlé they have recently announced to cut the sugar contents in their products, without compromising the taste. It sounds too good to be true? The Swiss food behemoth is going to patent the process, enabling 40% sugar reduction in their chocolate products. The process should make the sugar dissolve faster and trick our tongues the sweetness is higher than it really is.

Such high tech sweets are still a few years away, in the meantime, we should do our best to mindfully indulge in sweets, especially during Christmas, when cookies and puddings are lurking from the tables.


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