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Another UN problem with women

December 15, 2016


Yet another woman got fired because of her looks. Even being a superhero and having a golden lasso of truth at hand did not help. The honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls lost her job only after two months of controversial discussions about her waist and bosom.

The Amazonian woman, who in October joined Winnie-the-Poo, Tinker Bell and Red from the Angry Birds, was facing reluctance since the start of her new career path. Ironically, she has been dismissed by the organisation, which rejected all seven female candidates and appointed a man as its new Secretary-General. Even Wonder Woman is not good enough for the United Nations, as she is, according to officials, an overtly sexualised and tarty, on top of it all, her image is not appropriate at a time when objectification of women and girls is being addressed.

Wonder Woman will manage just fine without the United Nations, she will be extremely busy next year promoting her upcoming movie. Not so sure about the organisation that broadly accepts global violence, but gets extremely upset with a busty woman in tight clothes.


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