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The mystery of Miss Unsinkable

December 7, 2016


Sailors used to believe, a woman on ship brings bad luck. Does it really?

Violet Constance Jessop needed to take care of her many siblings and an ill mother and headed to the sea. In 1910 she embarked on a luxury ocean liner Olympic as a stewardess. Unfortunately, the voyage ended in a shipwreck so she lost her job. Violet immediately got back in the saddle and was lucky enough to board on another luxury liner, this time the unsinkable one. After just four days on the sea the ship hit the iceberg, you have probably guessed Violet found herself on the Titanic. Lost the job again, but was lucky enough to be rescued in a lifeboat 16. One would think enough is enough, but then the First World War struck and Violet boarded on yet another famous ocean liner. As a skilled sea woman and a member of the British Red Cross she sailed on Britannica, the liner transformed into a hospital ship. The floating hospital got hit in the Greek seas and sank less than an hour later, but not with Violet. Despite her head injury she managed to escape.

Whether Violet brought a good or a bad luck on board remains a mystery to these days, but surviving all three famous White Star Liner shipwrecks certainly earned her the nickname Miss Unsinkable.


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