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Rings of love

November 11, 2016


It all started with an ingenious idea to put a sign of affection on a finger. The ancient Egyptians were giving rings of love to their soul mates. Be it from leather, woven reed or a simple piece of cloth, they quickly became a sign of devotion.

A circle, with no end, remains a powerful symbol of eternity. Notoriously practical Romans, however, turned this object of adoration into a legally binding agreement. Rings with two hands clasped together, were put on hands of brides to be as a public mark of contracts between families. So called fidelity rings took away girls from the ownership of the fathers and let them into the hands of their future husbands. By the Middle Ages the habit of engagement bands had spread all over Europe.

The rings had not changed much since the ancient times, but today they are a symbol of both, eternal fidelity and a legal agreement.


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