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Fitness trackers, no sweat

October 20, 2016


We are always in search for a thing that would make us slim without pain. From crazy diets and pills, to the daft plastic wrapping, all proved to be rather useless. Now, even the latest idea to entrust our weight to technology proved to be hollow.

The researchers from the University of Pittsburg have been monitoring almost five hundred young overweight people, who wanted to slim down. They were put on the low calorie diet, with fitness plan and group sessions. After six months of steady weight loss, they were left on their own, but some were given fitness trackers. Contrary to expectations, those equipped with technology started to lag behind. The promise how trackers will increase willpower and provide additional daily motivation seems to be too quick. At the end of the two year study, those with trackers managed to achieve only half of the weight loss of the other group.

Scientists are guessing now, where it all went wrong, have devices made them more active, but also so hungry afterwards to overeat, or perhaps a gadget monitoring their daily fitness activity was so discouraging, they simply gave up. Whatever the reason, it is proven once more, there is no weight loss without breaking a sweat.


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