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Say cheese

October 11, 2016


Nutritionists have scratched their heads about the so called French paradox for years. How comes French, despite indulging in fatty food, have such a low incidence of heart disease? The mystery of their fatty diet is now finally unlocked.

Danish scientists have recently put to the test the theory that rich calcium diet leads to less body fat, meaning, more dairy one eats, less one weighs. Observing people on low and high calcium diet, they found out, the last successfully got rid of the fat through their digestive system. Not to go into unpleasant details, but the calcium from dairy products, not the supplements, makes fat literally go down the toilet.

With milk products, so the scientists, not all calories count the same and full fat mature cheese, rich in calcium, might prove to be better for your figure, than the low fat one. Sometimes you just have to love the scientists.

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