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Casual footsteps

October 4, 2016


Casual workplaces have made them popular again. Like never before, sport shoes are flying off the shelves. It is not, however, the footware from stadiums that is in, but rather timeless tennis shoes.

While sales of performance sneakers, running and basketball in particular, have stalled, the simple white sole shoe keeps upscale manufacturers ever more busy these days. It is a proof that a retro fashion shoes cycle is at its peak. What actually started as a street fashion trend a decade ago, has now found its way both, on the catwalks and in the offices around the world. The high fashion industry has been quick to pick the running silhouette and adopted the popular versions from 70s and 80s and started offering the perfect balance of comfort and style to millenials, who are taking ever more important positions in the establishment. Now snooty brands like Valentino and Dior, as well as fast fashion one,s are following the footsteps of the new generation in a try to mimic the classics from Adidas or Puma.

The smart-casual ensemble has overgrown a trend and became a lifestyle. With its comfort, the sneakers did not win the hearts of younger generation alone, but has also been embraced by consumers of all ages.


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