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Scientists agree

September 21, 2016


The notorious social lubricant has finally been proven by scientists. Conventional wisdom, that alcohol lowers inhibitions has recently been put to the test by Basel University researchers, just to find out the effects on women were greater than for men.

After drinking half a litre of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer, the two groups were asked to perform different tasks, including face recognition, empathy and sexual arousal tests. The alcohol drinking bunch was quicker at noticing cheerful faces and keen to engage in happy emotional situations. This happened despite no change in the bonding hormone oxytocin was detected. Women, in particular, were more affected by the alcohol and could observe explicit images with ease, while their sexual arousal stayed the same.

Getting tipsy faster or not, that does not change the fact alcohol enhances sociability and is one of the oldest ways to get rid of unease when meeting people. Scientists agree.


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