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The assistant in your home

August 2, 2016


With a promise, just say so and the music will play, the lights will dim, even the wifi will set up, voice-activated platforms are the latest buzz among the IT companies. Their engineers are frantically working on virtual assistants that could one day be residing in the home and obey your voices.

The dream of having a central hub for all the things is becoming a reality. Yet, such a gadget would know much more about you than just how much electricity you used this week or at which temperature you like to take your shower. It would also know when you got out of bed, how much you exercise, what drinks you took from the fridge and what videos you watched last night. No more returning to the privacy of your home, it would be traded for inactivity of both the body and the mind.

A recent study from the University of Pennsylvania show that two out of three Americans have already accepted to have little influence over what companies can learn about them. Yet, they would still like to be in control. This notion is a huge challenge for the internet of things. Not only are the providers going to collect details of your life, they will also be selling it. As information is becoming a strong currency these days, health companies, food industry, fashion retailers, you name it, are willing to pay a fortune for your personal data. Not to mention what would happen when the so called personal assistant would get hacked and start unplugging the fridge, switching the lights on and off or snooping on your guests.

Last but not least, while the developers are trying to pull together all the smart devices in the home, they are promoting it with words, Tell her what to do and she will do it! It looks like the domestic goddess just cannot catch a break. Maybe it is time for a male assistant to take over.

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