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The bittersweet cure

July 28, 2016


Bitter is an unlikely choice for a refreshment. Of all the tastes, the sharply poignant sensation is more often linked to something poisonous rather than a refreshing beverage. Yet, the list of popular drinks would be incomplete without a tonic water.

First used as prophylactic against malaria that used to pester British in the tropical areas of South Asia and Africa, tonic water was simply the easiest way to get the repulsively bitter taste of quinine down the throat and to get some protection against the deadly disease. Mixed with sugar and most commonly also with gin, that has  juniper medicinal properties of its own, the Indian tonic water became an imperial institution. Winston Churchill once even said that The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.

The Empire  is long gone, but a highball gin and tonic has stood the test of time.


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