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Healthy is the new skinny

July 13, 2016


Forget about diets, the new motto is, eat what you like and as much as you like it. Deprivation is no longer in fashion, the same goes for fat free and high carb food. Nowadays, it is all about the positive body image. We are no longer working out to be slim, but to maintain good physical condition, healthy heart and a glowing skin.

After science rediscovered the proper value of fats, yes, all fats, not just the olive oil and the superfoods lost the appeal, the playground for the billion dollar industry is changing. The consumers in the West are abandoning restrictive diets, instead of starvation, we rather go for a jog. Millennials in particular love their bodies, happily embracing the idea that health comes in many shapes and sizes. In an anti Photoshopping era the ideal of the perfect body is changing. Curvy models are posting photos of themselves in bikinis, even the Angels caved in and are now trying to persuade us their bodies are simply the result of the intense physical workout, sans fasting.

While the fear of food is slowly diminishing and indulgence is no longer a sin, the new emerging trend is, healthy is the new skinny.


From → Zeitgeist

  1. Great point! It would also be great to see models that aren’t just skinny, but that have a healthy body type

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    • I agree! The first step to achieve this goal is to talk about it and to make sure the message is heard by the fashion people.

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  2. Totally agree!!
    But I must admit isn’t easy in the society who praised a body type.


    • It is true, but changes don’t happen overnight. In the mean time, we can at least try and feel good in our bodies. Everybody has a pretty body! 🙂

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