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Fun drink with the bad reputation

July 4, 2016


From slave trade and pirates, to the trenches of the Great War, rum has always had a bad reputation. This year, however the popular Caribbean brew finally made it.

Some say it is just vodka with another name, but the sugar cane distillate is much more than a cheap liquor. The rum hierarchy is as clear as its versatility. The lighter varieties, those not being worth aging, are commonly used for cocktails, while the more precious golden or dark rums go down well even with the sumptuous single malt lovers. A splash in a glass, full of ice cubes will delight the fussiest drinkers, still connoisseurs recommend mixing, since rum goes along with almost anything. Pick an herb from the garden, add a syrup that has been sitting in the cupboard for ages and balance the sweetness with a bit of lemon or lime juice. The mix will turn into the perfect summer refreshment.

No wonder this year’s Best liquor award goes to you-know-who. Maybe the end of the Cuban trade embargo also played a part in reintroducing rum North of the Equator. And while resisting the summer heat with ice cold refreshment, keep in mind drinking or eating calories is not important, as long as you have fun.


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