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Smart health for women

June 24, 2016


While some countries are still discussing the tampon tax, New York has just made a huge leap forward. In the Big Apple free tampons will be provided in schools, prisons and homeless shelters. The personal hygiene products have been around for ages. Yet, from the first papyrus tampon invented by women in Ancient Egypt, all the way to the patented Tampax, this feminine hygiene product has not changed much. Up until now.

The latest novelty in the blood collecting department is a smart tampon, developed by the startup NextGen. Their product, apart from its original function, will be able to screen for STIs and will provide ground to check for other medical conditions. Smart tampons could also give fertility information and help diagnose for cervical cancer and endometriosis, that often go undiagnosed until late stages, when it might be too late for successful treatment.

With the possibility of health information being available every month without visiting your ob-gyn, saving lives of many women is within reach. But, most importantly, it is a clear sign female health has been taken more seriously. The future for women looks not only brighter, but also healthier.


From → Zeitgeist

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