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The cocoa dance

June 10, 2016


The healthy craze seems to be unstoppable, nowadays even places once synonymous for damaging lifestyles are succumbing to the new trend. It looks like synthetic drugs got a healthy competitor, as chocolate has become the new drug of choice while dancing all night long.

Cocoa does not cause any hallucinogenic effects, but it contains flavanols that are improving blood circulation and bring all kinds of other beneficial things to the body. Since indulging in chocolate bars or hot brews are not the most maverick ways to get high on cocoa, the people at parties and festivals retorted to snorting it. It is a perfect combination, rising on endorphins flavanols are abound, getting lots of magnesium that serves as a muscle relaxant and being in line with the healthy mantra.

Sceptics dismiss it as a mere placebo, but that does not stop people to dance the night away full on cocoa, being served as a drink, pill or a powder.


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