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The diet maze

June 6, 2016


Decades ago fats were blamed for shortening life. Instinctively, the fat-free diet followed, filling our plates with carbohydrates and inflating the waists. Than the pricey superfoods came, served with the promise of immortality. What is next?

Now, the latest mantra is, any fat or grains will do, just eat plenty of fruits and veggies along. And if your ancestors happen to be meat eaters, fish and olive oil should be added to the diet. Namely, the latest research confirmed how keeping to these golden rules enables occasional indulgence in all bad, evil and delicious. Scientists from University of Auckland in New Zealand carefully studied thousands of people and came to the conclusion, that moderate consumption of sugar, white flower or deep fried foods will not do much harm, when consumed with enough greens.

Yet, on the other side of the globe, the group of scientists from the UCLA did their research and found out, that water is ample.  The researchers experimented with rats, feeding one group with the equivalent of a liter of sugary drinks every day, while others got plain water. After a while the rats were put in a maze, just to reveal, the bunch on sugar took twice as long to find its way out. It seems the high-fructose diet is not particularly good for the brain. But, when the scientists did the same experiment on rats boosted by omega rich superfoods, the brainiacs were a total disappointment, as they could not beat the water crew.

What is next in the maze running game, remains to be seen.


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