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The teens sans jeans

May 12, 2016


Blue jeans are increasingly going out of style. Teens these days are buying more athletic trousers than denim and the sales of once ubiquitous pants have plummeted. The legendary garment has in nearly two hundred years of its existence undergone so many transformations, the current decline might only be an announcement of yet another metamorphosis.

The early French de Nimes was woven from wool and cotton cloth, but the iconic status of the indigo fashion piece we all have in our closets came only later. First jeans, advertised to be suitable for all honest working men, had pieces of small metal rivets around the pocket area making them last longer. From miners and cowboys to farmers, they all wore sturdy pants that were becoming even better with wear and tear. It was only later, as in the case of tees and the leather jacket, that Hollywood took them to the urban fashion market. All of a sudden, not just film stars with rebel status, but also women, who only just started trading skirts for trousers, put on pants with brightly contrasting stitching. The common acceptance of the durable garment that used to be everywhere has lately been put under strain. And not for the style, but for the coziness.

Once the desired ability to become second skin with age is now becoming a liability. We want comfort and we want it now. So much so, even strenuous efforts of distressing and stone washing denim before it heads to the stores do not help anymore. The steady decline in sales, in the past few years in the US alone, it dived from $7 billion to $4.8 billion, is now forcing the industry to adopt modern fabrics and put more emphasis on comfort.

Since jeans are such an important piece of apparel in the history of mankind, that have been through so many transformations, it is almost inconceivable not to succeed this time as well.


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