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The green fate

May 5, 2016


Are you predestined to become a vegetarian and is meatless diet written in your genes? Researchers at Cornell University certainly believe so. They found a genetic variation that helps people embrace vegetarian diet.

The secret is hidden in the omega fatty acids, essential for normal brain development in the early age, but also keeping us healthy later in our life. While omega-3 is usually found in fish, majority of omega-6 comes from meat, nuts and vegetable oils. However, it is not only important to get enough omegas, the key is also to keep the balance of both types. Since our bodies cannot synthesise them naturally and we receive them entirely from food, how come vegetarians can keep the omegas in harmony? The researchers now discovered some people in India, Africa and parts of Asia, that are known for their green diets, have a specific genetic setting. Not only they can process fatty acids more efficiently, they are even able to convert omegas from one variety to another. The genetic variation is a result of over hundreds of generations, that favoured meatless diet.

It looks like, whether one needs animals or can easily sustain on greens alone is not just a matter of conscious decision, it depends on the genes.


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