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Aging Stylishly

May 2, 2016


The fashion industry used to rely on a steady pace, but lately just cannot catch a breath. From sluggish sales and shortened collection cycles, to tackling the body size concerns, they are coping with the changing world. Just when it looked like the end of the transformation is nearly in sight, the new issue emerged – ageism.

With the typical model being 16-25 years old, fashion is literary ages away from its customer base. The industry leaders are now trying to brush away allegations of being obsessed with youth. First Sports Illustrated decided to celebrate maturity and now Vogue is trying to make it right. As part of its 100th anniversary issue Bo Gilbert, the first centenary model, will appear in the legendary magazine. Bo, who has throughout her life been a fashion aficionado says she always liked keeping herself looked quite decent and even if she was not going out, tried to keep the standards up.

In the era of golden aging, where older women are becoming the wealthiest costumers, reshaping youth-obsessed industry may prove to be a smart marketing move.


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