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From corset to sportset          

April 28, 2016


Previous century was all about smoking and drinking, while this one is about being fit and healthy. The trend that has started decades ago, has become the mainstream and it brought also the new female body ideal.

The period of long and labour intensive work days are long gone and so are the knitting days of women in corsets and long skirts. Experts warning females that sports can cause sterility have been replaced with the messages saying exercise is good and everyone, including women, should do it. The trend that started with Jane Fonda video tapes is slowly changing also the ideal body type. The ancient curvy, first transformed into a skinny, is now settling for the athletic body. Movie stars on the red carpet are flaunting visible muscles underneath expensive gowns and the look that has always been reserved only for men is gaining momentum. With the rapid growth of activewear, by 2020 it could add $83 billion in sales, it comes as no surprise even the leaders of the industry are responding. Recently, for instance Victoria’s Secrets announced to stop selling bikinis, so it can expand into sports.

In order for more women to make a shift from the treadmill to outdoor the new message should be – Hardly anybody has an Angel body! So, no one should feel embarrassed to exercise in public.


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