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Sleepless nights make drunken days

April 26, 2016


One in three adults complains about sleepless nights, so it seems the world just cannot get enough sleep. Maybe that is why the scientists are trying to find out what loosing snoozing does to our bodies.

When researchers from the University of Oxford studied various reactions to sleep deprivation, they came up with a surprising conclusion – lack of sleep has a similar effect as being drunk. After 17 hours without sleep the impairment of reactions and the ability to process information is the same as when having 0.05% of alcohol in the blood, while after 24 hours without proper sleep the abilities deteriorate beyond the point of impairment.

It is a well known fact that, in the long run lack of sleep provokes several diseases. But pulling all-nighters proved out to be even more dangerous. No one would down three glasses of wine, right before sitting in the car and taking the children to school or having a couple of shots before the meeting. So, why is not getting enough sleep something to brag about?


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