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Rice is good, just ask the Japanese

April 13, 2016


The Mediterranean diet has long been praised for its health benefits. Lots of fruit and vegetables, and the most important ingredient, the olive oil should result in a long and happy life. The latest research however, have paired it with another health friendly diet, the Japanese cuisine. Despite the fact it is based on white rice that many believe is harmful, it proved to bring longevity as well.

Japan prides itself with one of the lowest mortality rates, so the food masters from the Land of the Rising Sun started search for their holy grail. After studying lifestyles and diet of tens of thousands of Japanese for over a decade, they came up with the results showing 15% lower mortality rate among those indulging in the traditional Japanese cuisine.

The winning diet proved to be low in saturated fats, contains practically no processed foods and is supplemented with tea and water, instead of carbonated sweetened drinks. The Japanese consume a lot of white rice, but it is always accompanied with vegetables, fruits and fish, that are decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. For those who still believe carbohydrates are poisonous, the Japanese just proved that is not the case.


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