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The heroin chic ban

April 7, 2016


After years of heated debates about appropriateness of overly thin models and how they affect the body perception of growing girls, the issue re-emerged again in the UK.

Their Advertising Standards Authority yesterday ruled that the new Gucci ad was irresponsible. Not only the young model in the video is unhealthily thin, but also she is posed in a way that elongates the torso and puts emphasis on her waist, all to appear even smaller. To add to the simmering debate about responsibility of fashion advertising, the regulator also raised the issue of so called heroin chic style, stating that the model’s sombre facial expression and dark makeup, particularly around her eyes, made her face look gaunt. The Italian fashion brand swiftly rejected the claims, replying the model in question is just toned and slim. After withdrawing the controversial sequence, the video is being relaunched on the Gucci’s YouTube channel.

The whole advertising debate, when thin is too thin is somehow missing the point. It is not something to be weighed in grams, but rather observed as a part of the whole concept portraying young women that are bizarrely far off from reality. While leaning on the idea that advertising has never been depiction of the real life, mind young girls are not laundry detergents.


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