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The fashion brands fatigue

April 1, 2016


Lately, even traditional brands like Chanel bow to new fashion rules and are presenting a collection every three months. Is the attention span of fashion aficionados really shortening, or is the trend of ever accelerated fashion only a natural response to a highly saturated market?

Technology made it possible for Inditex, better known for its brands like Zara, Bershka or Massimo Dutti, to start changing their collection several times a year. Since then, the clothing industry as a whole has fundamentally changed. First the newcomers single-handedly changed the pace, then the fast-fashion giants followed and now even the couture brands are accepting the challenge. But the price for hastiness may be high.

Recently, even eager fashionistas are becoming tired with constant twisting and turning of style. In addition, the climate change is complicating the seasons and serving only the quickest and most resilient. In the era of non-compulsive buying, when the brands are desperately trying to create something new, consumer fatigue is not of any help. Their profits and losses are still fluctuating alarmingly, so in the future more Louis Vuitton alongside H&M or Zara may be expected.


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