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Not all fat is bad

March 22, 2016


Counting calories introduced the worst villain of the healthy diet. But fat also has omega acids, the ones that make sure our brain works well. So nutritionists, to help us navigate through grease, came up with the simple rule – vegetable is good, animal is bad.

Through evolution we developed a taste for high energy bites and food submerged into the boiling oil earned the reputation of being irresistibly delicious, but harmful. Since some fat can withstand much higher temperatures than other, for years now, scientists have recommended frying in sunflower, canola or corn oil and called against the use of animal grease. The latest research however, suggest otherwise.

Except for coconut and olive, vegetable oils are high in omega 6 acids that our brain mistakenly use instead of the almighty omega 3. Lard and fat drippings, poor on this nasty omega type, do not mess up with our heads. In addition, they turned out to take much more heat than previously thought.

So, the new mantra goes, not all vegetable is good and animal is not that bad. Olive oil, however, still reigns in the frying pan and it even does not have to be the virgin variety, the cheapest one will do.

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