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Women for sale

March 7, 2016

Andy Warhol's Mao To Be Auctioned At Christies

Since ancient times auctions are organised to sell different items. Today, paintings, vases or foreclosed homes first come to mind, yet the first recorded auction in history was for women.

Herodotus left us the description of an auction in Babylon, where females were being sold for the highest price. The Greek historian writes the auctioneer ranked the women based on his opinion of their beauty and in that order they came up for sale. Since women were considered as property, auction was the only method to sell a daughter as a wife to another man. There was even a return policy, if the buyer was not satisfied with the purchase.

Openly selling women has been abandoned a long ago, but little glimpses of that ancient time still linger. Decades of gender preference in Asia, where boys were chosen over girls, has brought a troublesome imbalance in the population. The shortage of brides makes them so valuable today, we are happy the old auction practices are long gone.


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