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❤︎ Coffee

February 18, 2016


The most popular beverage in the world has often been blamed for causing heartbeat irregularities.  Now the hearts of coffee drinkers have been put to the test just to prove the suspicion was false.

At the University of California, hundreds of healthy women and men were assessed over a year-long period for their caffeine passion. Coffee, tea and chocolate intake were carefully recorded while the heart rhythm was monitored round the clock. Despite nearly two thirds of participants drank at least a cup of caffeinated drink per day, no extra heartbeats were recorded.

Coffee has now finally been cleared of allegations it is bad for the heart. It is known to make you happy and to provide a healthy dose of antioxidants, or as rather cheekily Louisa May Alcott in Little women put it I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.


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