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Bullying with colours

February 16, 2016

must red

It has been known that strong colours are encouraging us to spend more. Flashy advertising not only distracts from purchasing what we originally wanted, but also persuade us to buy unnecessary products. With the internet this trick is evermore used to manipulate into spending money on what the seller wants and not what we intended before clicking on the site.

Experiments show that seemingly unconnected ideas or concepts may affect our responses and decisions. We are more likely to recognize a word tasty, after a picture of a delicious meal has been put in front of us. With the use of the colours, the unwanted connections become even more mysterious. What colour is used for a webpage background has a strong effect on what we buy. The car sellers, for instance, know all too well that when the background is green customers are paying more attention on the price and the environment, whereas the red is diverting the attention to safety features.

Red is an emotionally intense colour often used to stimulate people into rash decisions. As a sign of danger it increases our heart rate and evokes our primal fear instincts. So, next time you stumble upon red signs saying Great Deal or Buy Now, do not forget – You are being bullied with colours.


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