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Inside Out

February 5, 2016


Whilst the discussion about wearing pyjamas in public is still simmering, another trend has re-emerged on the catwalk. For the upcoming season several designers suggest wearing undergarments as outerwear is the new thing.

Nearly a hundred years ago females relieved themselves from the tight grip of the corsets and were no longer in fear of fainting. It took some time to forget about the tensions endured when trying to narrow the waist, but after a few decades lycra gave the forced hourglass figure another go, just to see it finally being defeated by the flower power generation. The remains of the old torso clenched lingerie style were no longer in use in everyday life, it retreated to cabaret or burlesque boudoirs, until corset-dresses and conical bras made a comeback with Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gautier and Madonna.

As 80s will be lingering for some time in the fashion world, so will the undergarment as outerwear. Exterior bras or corsets over shirts, worn with trainers or nightgown resembling satin dresses with boots altogether matched to explore the creativity and bring out the unconventional. Just be careful not to mix jumpsuit with onesie when walking out the door, no one wants to wander around like a half-dressed sleepwalker.


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