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Fast and dirty

February 2, 2016


Times when getting standardised food quickly to the table was a progressive idea are long gone. Popular craving for healthier living has turned fast-food into a dirty term and put the leading restaurant chains into disarray. Now they are trying to redefine the meaning of short order and transform their parlours into modern and progressive restaurants.

New terms like fine casual, fast crafted or fan food have been coined to distance the leaders of the ailing industry from the prejudice they are industrial and impersonal. The common perception the food served in their parlours is greasy, cheap and unhealthy is now to be tackled by new menus advertised as a fresher or higher quality, but the basic principle of fast food remains, people are still queuing to order, receive standardised food and pay at the cashier.

All food companies are striving for fast service these days, no wonder the biggest of them is desperately trying to transform.  McDonald’s has recently announced the new strategy has started to work and the sales are up again, but failed to disclose how much of the increase is based on customer visits and how much is purely the result of higher prices. Either way, McDonald’s turnaround push has only just started. Yet the big question remains, is fast food a dying industry or will live to be reinvented?

From → Zeitgeist

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