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The Virtual World Cup

January 19, 2016


Twenty years have passed since the launch of the first virtual reality headset. The Virtual Boy promised to change the entertainment world, but proved to be a miserable failure for Nintendo. Now, the technology giants believe cyberspace is ready for re-launch and the race for the Virtual World Cup is on.

As the first affordable smartphone headsets appeared on the market, in only a month more than a million consumers bought the low cost cardboard version. Oculus is now collecting pre-orders for its pricy Rift with the promise more money will bring the immersion into the otherworldly experience. Even media giants like Walt Disney or 21st Century Fox have bowed to the new technology, announcing releases of interactive films and popular video games.

The hardware and the contents are now ready, but are the humans? After first users submerged into the virtual world, reports of side effects from dizziness and eyestrain to headaches and nausea have surfaced. It seems human mind is not ready for free falling, being turned upside down or floating in zero gravity and it shows it by affecting the body. No new technology comes without downsides and virtual reality might prove to be just too real for some.


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