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Eye of the Beholder

January 12, 2016


Women are constantly being cornered by unrealistic images of the female body. The new generation of consumers however, rejects such narrow interpretation of beauty and sex appeal and is asking for more genuine approach.

As girls and younger women are becoming more independent and confident, retouched photos in ad campaigns, displaying skinny models seem loosing its appeal. When lingerie brand Aerie declared not to photoshop its models in their advertising campaigns, their popularity soared. In the peak season, just before Christmas the sales increased by staggering 21%. Another American company, Lane Bryant has taken it even further. With the #ImNoAngel campaign, they wanted to prove that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Their photo shoot with popular so-called plus-size models was complemented by a large social media campaign encouraging women to love their bodies so much, to post their pictures and show all women are sexy indeed.

Since we are daily exposed to hundreds of images of uniformly beautiful women, acknowledging that Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder is proving to be harder than it sounds. Yet, in the fashion world, this notion of the beauty has only just started.


From → Hic Salta

  1. Awesome pic! The women look so happy in it. It’s important to accept all times of bodies and fashion industry can play a big role in this.


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