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Losing weight has never been harder

January 8, 2016


70s party

Managing weight is more difficult that it used to be. A growing body of evidence shows we are not more lazy or careless than our parents and grandparents were, just less fortunate.

The American study monitoring diets of tenths of thousands of people over nearly forty years showed our parents could eat more and exercise less, but still managed their weight. Despite the same number of calories and exercising just as much, people living today weight on average 10 per cent more than the previous generations. How can that be?

The scientists could not find the straightforward answer, but came up with several theories about why we are gaining weight easier than our predecessors. They put the blame on pollutants, antibiotics and pesticides found in the produce today. Such changes in the quality of things we eat, may wreck havoc with our hormones. The higher intake of processed food does not help either. Last but not least the increase in prescription drugs like antidepressants that change the gut bacteria may also be among the culprits.

The science has not come up with conclusive answers, but showed what we knew all along. We are not a generation of slackers, still we ought to remember this when, in a few decades down the road, we will be saying: Young people these days…


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