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The day after

December 22, 2015

Cheering up

Whoever has taken a part in seasonal drinking may know about the embarrassment of the day after. Most people become outgoing after consuming alcohol, but some transform into a whole different person.

After analysing hundreds of volunteers, who occasionally overindulge in alcohol, the researchers from the University of Missouri came to the conclusion there are four general types of drunkenness. They named them after popular culture personas. The most common type is Mr. Hemingway, who tends to retain control, but struggles with intellectual topics. Next is Ms. Mary Poppins, agreeable and bubbly drinker, who still remains a responsible person under the influence. We have all most probably come across the introvert who, after a couple of glasses, turns into an outgoing Nutty Professor and likes to take more risks. Last but not least, the most irritating one at the party, Mr. Hyde, becomes disagreeable and irresponsible after consuming alcohol.

No matter what type or crosstype you might turn into, just keep in mind the old Roman saying In Vino Veritas, in Aqua Sanitas, (In wine there is truth, in water there is health). The phrase is thought to be coined while observing the Germanic peoples when holding their councils. The participants were drinking together, believing alcohol will prevent lies and dishonesty at the meetings. Even today to avoid consequences, trust the Romans. Keep a glass of water at hand, it will keep you hydrated and prevent from becoming radical.


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