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Good grammar can be deceptive

December 10, 2015


It is time of the year when the internet is booming for singles flocking to dating apps. Finding your significant one just in time for the New Year’s party however, comes with some tricks.

An American dating site asked more than 5,000 singles what criteria they used while choosing their dates. The first reason was hygiene, but right after came a surprise. Apparently candidate’s grammar can be a total turn on, so much so linguistic skills came ahead of confidence and even teeth. With increasing informal usage of written language using words properly has become ever more important in recent years.

Despite of it all, choosing someone based on a photo and messages on a screen proves to be even more deceptive. The human brain is wired to screen people when they are moving or judging the way they smile. So, it is still best to leave digital environment as soon as possible to see, if there is any chemistry in flesh and blood.



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