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Indecisive pink and blue

December 7, 2015


The masters of colours have announced their choice for 2016. For the first time in history, the year will be ruled by two and not a single shade. Their decision to go for pink and blue is acknowledgment of the gender fluidity trend.

The colour gurus at Pantone, who are setting the path for future interior design, rendering and fashion choices, came up with Rose Quartz and Serenity. Both should bring balance and peace in what they feel is currently an insecure and tense world. The experts believe their light pinkish hue will bring compassion, while the cool blue should relax us in the coming year. Coincidence? Not at all! As the millenials are becoming the largest age group in the workforce, with the pink-blue dichotomy marketers are trying to capture their attention. Millenials are not concerned about being typecast or judged and see gender more as a social and not as a biological reference. To set themselves apart, they are using colour in a non traditional way.

Resorting to subtle hints usually reserved for moms when pushing for grandchildren might just go down well with the generation that does not believe in feminine and masculine tones.


From → Zeitgeist

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