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The office Grinch

December 1, 2015


It used to be the time of awkward conversations, finding the best excuse to leave early or perhaps even drunken mistakes. Not anymore. Many companies are cutting back on the end of the year events and Millenials in particular are eager to finish the seasonal office rituals forever.

A recent survey among American managers revealed companies are abandoning old habits of office Christmas parties. More than a third said they will not host any this year. The reason behind skipping tradition is not financial, but changing attitudes toward the workplace. Since more employees are now Millenials, who want to spend their free time as they please and not at annoying office socialising, parties are not as appealing as they used to be.

But less alcohol and no company gifts do not mean Christmas spirit has vanished from the workplace altogether, it has just moved. The seasonal office decorations are still reminding us on all the gifts we need to buy. Nine in ten will be bought online this year, many from the company computers.


From → Zeitgeist

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