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The fruit with jewels

November 27, 2015


It helped Eve to seduce Adam and gave its name to a beautiful gemstone. Pomegranate is the ultimate winter fruit, ripe just in time to protect us during the cold season. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, its abundance of seeds made it a symbol of fertility and bounty.

The deep red colour resembling blood provoked many myths and stories throughout history of humankind. Cultivated throughout the Mediterranean, pomme-grenade has found its use everywhere in the kitchen, from cooking and baking, to garnishes and beverages.

While pomegranate juice has been a popular drink since ancient times, it was Grenadine that brought fame to this sweet, sticky nectar. Today, a synonym for any red berry syrup, only the thick original from pressed pomegranates will deliver the unique taste we all love. Bartenders often say, the pomegranate syrup will redden any glass of bubbly and make it even more special in the coming season.


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