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Women are better investors online

November 24, 2015

Beautiful young woman studying at home on laptop

Women tend to save more than men, but their unspent income used to rest untouched on the bank accounts. Things have changed, when the internet brought investing opportunities into our living rooms.

A recent analysis of around 60,000 on-line portfolios shows about one-quarter belongs to women. The research also reveals gender differences in investment behaviour. Men are signing twice as much into their financial accounts, but vigilant monitoring does not bring higher returns. On the contrary, it is the loyalty that brings higher rewards and makes women better investors. Contrary to men, women like to stick with their choices and do not get rid of all their stocks at once or completely change the direction every time the tide turn. All this makes women more resilient to erratic behaviour, so typical for small investors.

While some believe it is in our nature to avoid risks, others attribute female success to socialisation. Women investors love talking to each other and are usually trading together with friends. We also like to share experiences and rely on each other in turbulent times.  Doing it with friends apparently plays out well.


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