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Kisses with no additives

November 17, 2015


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Kisses and Christmas go hand in hand and not only those under the mistletoe. The leading American chocolatier has announced, their sweet delight will contain no artificial flavours over the upcoming holidays.

Hershey’s is responding to a growing demand for healthier food. Together with another food processing giant Nestlé, it recently found itself in the middle of controversy over an ingredient. To make chocolate smoother both companies replaced pricey cocoa butter with the cheap additive carrying a scary name Polyglycerol polyricinoleate or E476. To clear its reputation the company is now returning to natural ingredients and is offering more products perceived as healthy.

Why now and not before the first sweet seasonal peak? Retailers know, for the Halloween we are less concerned about the quality of sweets we are giving away on our doorsteps, so they fill their shelves with cheaper alternatives. Yet when the Christmas comes, only the best is good enough for our nearest and dearest.


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