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To be happy, walk like a happy person

November 12, 2015

The way we feel is reflected in how we walk. So, can we change our mood simply by changing our way of walking? Canadian researchers certainly believe so. They came to the conclusion that walking like a happy person can make you happy indeed.

For some time now it has been known that how we deal with emotional information depends on our mood. When in bad spirit, we tend to remember negative messages far more easily than positive ones. To check whether the same applies to walking, the scientists came up with a test. They took a group of people and without telling them what it is all about, they encouraged half of them to walk like they are depressed, while the others could move like happy people. During the walk the participants were read positive and negative words, which were later asked to recite.

As you might already guess, the happy walkers recalled positive words better, whilst the depressed walkers mostly focused on negative ones. The moral goes, if you choose to walk like a happy person, you become one.


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