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The crying games

November 5, 2015


The tears of gratitude abound these days, Instagram star Essena became a worldwide sensation after deleting her account and crying over the faked perfection of social media. Just a few days before, another model, Gigi Hadid posted her tears of joy whilst announcing to finally become Victoria’s Secret angel.

The famous lingerie fashion show will take place in a few days time and Gigi’s crying was part of the campaign for the promotion of the major American lingerie brand. The spectacle joining top models with music stars will be aired in 180 countries during the peak holiday shopping season, while Snapchat, Instagram and Periscope will provide live preview of behind the scene details in real time. Victoria surely knows how to create a buzz across media, the traditional as well as, the digital ones.

Last year’s London show, aimed at conquering Europe, ended up with no sales results, despite much publicity. This year it seems to be even worse. The Italian billionaire Sandro Veronesi has recently announced to challenge Victoria’s Secret on its home turf. His Calzedonia is going to open its first U.S. store in New York. So, only time will tell, whether Victoria’s tears of joy may soon turn into tears of sorrow.


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